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Mamzel brings a taste of Marbella to AlUla

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As part of the fourth Winter at Tantora festival, a new restaurant with a lively Spanish vibe has opened in AlUla.

Located in a canyon near the Shaden Resort, Mamzel offers a mix of delicious food, music and DJs, dancing and singers from 7 p.m. to midnight.

The singing is led by Senda, a rising star who was a contestant on the Spanish version of the TV talent show “The Voice” in 2021.

The dancers perform in extravagant costumes to famous songs like Woodkid’s “Run Boy Run,” Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good,” Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive,” Everybody Loves An Outlaw’s “I See Red,” and David Guetta and Bebe Rexha’s “I’m Good.”

The location of the restaurant is stunning, sitting in a delightful spot between the high rocky mountains.

During winter, however, it is quite cold in the outdoors, so many guests wore farwa — a type of traditional Bedouin overcoat — to keep warm.

Sami Al-Ali, a 28-year-old visitor from the UAE, was delighted with his experience.

“I am in awe,” he said. “The AlUla mountains are bringing me peace, the weather is unbelievably good, and Mamzel vibes took me back to my summer vacation vibes in Greece.”

Another of the performers is Rosalia, who dances the flamingo to the Latin pop song “Di Mi Nombre.” The evening ends with a performance of “A Little Party Killed Nobody.”

The executive chef at Mamzel, which also has an outlet in Marbella, Spain, is Alberto Martinez Munoz.

“I made sure to offer carefully curated dishes inspired by international cuisines for our special guests in AlUla,” he told Arab News.

Munoz has eight years’ experience as a chef and has worked at Mamzel for three years.

His winter visit to AlUla was his first to Saudi Arabia and he said he was keen to try some of the local cuisine.

“It is my first time here and I am very excited to taste the Saudi flavors and learn about it.”

On New Year’s Eve, Mamzel staged a dinner show with a Marbella-style celebration.

AlUla’s dining scene is heating up with the arrival of new restaurants and big-name brands, including Awna, which is set against the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra.

There are also lots of new venues in the AlUla Oasis and Al-Jadidah Alley, offering everything from snacks to fine dining.

Mamzel is open to anyone aged 12 and above but reservations are necessary. More information is available at experiencealula.com.

The Winter at Tantora festival runs until Jan. 21.

Source : Arab News