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IOF Find UAV Near Palestinian-Lebanese Borders

The Israeli occupation forces conducted combing operations on the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine, during which it found a UAV on the Palestinian side of the Blue Line, Israeli media reported Friday.

This comes days after the Israeli occupation said they were suspicious that the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah was behind an alleged security incident in northern occupied Palestine earlier this week, “in which it infiltrated through the northern borders and detonated an explosive device,” according to Israeli media.

“The security forces neutralized the perpetrator of the operation near the Megiddo junction” in northern occupied Palestine without providing any evidence to substantiate such claims,” all the spokesperson for the IOF, the spokesperson for the Shin Bet, and the spokesperson for the Israeli police.

According to the statement, an explosive device was detonated near the Megiddo intersection, on Route 65, seriously injuring an Israeli settler, and the security forces worked to locate the suspects behind the operation.

The joint Israeli security statement claimed that an initial investigation shows that the person behind the operation apparently crossed Lebanese territory into occupied Palestine earlier this week.

Furthermore, Israeli occupation President Isaac Herzog underlined how the Megiddo incident expresses “the enemies’ accurate diagnosis regarding the disintegration of the Israeli unity.”

The incident is clear evidence that “our enemies are well aware of the disintegration of Israeli unity, and are acting accordingly,” Herzog said.

The correspondent of the Israeli KAN broadcaster said that “the Shin Bet is still imposing a ban on publishing more details.”

He said that “officials are talking about the unknown identity of the perpetrator and investigations are looking to assess Lebanese Hezbollah’s involvement,” pointing out that “suspicions also revolve around the possibility of the involvement of Hamas and its front in Lebanon, which is led by Saleh al-Arouri.”

The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper also published that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Security Minister Yoav Gallant instructed Israeli officials not to make any statements about the Megiddo operation.”

Source: Al Mayadeen