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What is Iran Plotting and Planning?

What are Iran’s plans? It is obvious even to the casual observer. Apart from surrounding Israel with their well-armed surrogates for a multi-front attack, Iran is waiting for China to attack Taiwan. Simultaneously North Korea under the chubby little dictator with the weird haircut will attack South Korea. All part of China’s strategic war plans and thereby removing a potential American involvement in a war between Israel and Iran.

Apart from its involvement in Ukraine, America will immediately face two major fronts in the same area against two nuclear armed foes. It therefore cannot realistically come to Israel’s aid or defense and under Biden pursuing the Obama policy to destroy Israel, it would be reluctant to come to Israel’s aid in the event of a simultaneous war breaking out between Israel and Iran, Biden’s nice sounding meaningless politically correct statements aside.

Let us not forget how the Biden administration has depleted the strategic store of arms kept in Israel and his selling off America’s strategic oil reserve to China, of all countries. Foolish doesn’t begin to describe it, but deliberate might. No other President would have done such a thing, except maybe Obama as far as the strategic arms reserve depletion.

As more and more information and revelations come out about Biden’s relationship with China, it has become obvious that to call him compromised is being polite, kind and gentle. In my considered opinion, Biden is and has been a useful idiot kind of Chinese agent. Easily bought because of his ego, narcissism and greed. China’s tentacles have thereby reached into the highest office in the USA and when all the evidence is revealed and made public, Joe Biden will make the likes of the notorious Cambridge Five and Kim Philby look like amateurs, although they were much more intelligent than Biden ever was. Biden’s name will go down in infamy and a national disgrace and shame forever.

Sadly, no one in the USA has yet the courage to call this out, although they are circling around the criminal Biden family. Tragically, Kamala Harris was specifically chosen as a running mate and vice-President as she would pose no challenge to Biden and clearly is potentially a most inappropriate substitute. This is a classic example the USA finds itself in, in that it is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The third order of succession to the presidency would be the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and he is a Republican, which would be anathema to the Democrats.

In Obama we saw the covert infiltration and influence of Islam into the White House and with Biden, the definite influence and control of China.

It is my prediction that before his term as President expires, Biden will abuse the Presidential privilege and grant indemnity to his son Hunter, his brother James, possibly other family members implicated and to himself, controversy be damned.

Let’s face it, Biden, titled “Commander-in-Chief”, is hardly a commander and his large and over-medalled, woke, dour and sycophantic chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, long military career aside, hardly fills an observant thinking person with confidence. What does this all mean? Apart from having a substantial military, America right now lacks the leadership it and the world desperately needs. Its military, no thanks to Biden, is still substantial and powerful, but even that has limits. In such potential wars, I am not sure America has the military manpower right now, nor is its arms manufacturing industry on a sufficient war footing.

Israel faces an existential threat. It is possible that Jordanian king Abdullah, as was the case with his father Hussein, could be pressured into joining Iran’s axis of evil and intent, thus completely surrounding Israel from all sides. Even if he is wise enough to stay out of the pending conflict, I am sure terrorist attacks will also come from Jordan.

Apart from Hezbollah and now Hamas in Lebanon and Syria, plus the Iranians and Syrian army in the north, in the south there is Gaza with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. In Sinai there are Hamas and ISIS. Iran has ships in the Red Sea and the Houtis in Yemen have been armed with Iranian long range missiles and drones. Let us not under-estimate the Arab fifth column in Israel with Fatah opportunistically jumping in as well.

Of course Iran is and would be very happy to fight Israel to the last Arab, sitting back providing arms and support. It actually shows just how foolish the Arabs are to allow themselves to be used and abused in such a way, but driven by their hate for Israel and religious ambition to dominate the world, they are easily recruited.

Logically, Iran will not be immune and is the head of the hydra. Iran is a multifarious evil not to be overcome by a single effort. It is going to take everything Israel has and can do. Israel will have to impose severe damage on Iran, destroy it nuclear facilities and hopefully in the process wipe out its medieval Ayatollah autocracy and immediate leadership, thereby saving itself and the ordinary citizens of Iran.

Hezbollah and southern Lebanon will have to be flattened and destroyed immediately as will much of Gaza.

There can no longer be polite humanitarian warfare with knocking on the roofs and avoiding many civilian areas as these too, as we know only too well, are strategically filled with tunnels, rocket launching sites and military installations.

The aftermath with the United Nations and the biased and criminal International Criminal Court will be handled and the UN and ICC told to go to hell, where they belong. “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune”, and the fortune is the imperative survival of Israel and the Jewish people.

The Iranian boats in the Red Sea can and will have to be destroyed and the Houtis in Yemen substantially destroyed and damaged. Not an easy task. In addition, Iran’s obvious strategy is to overwhelm Israel’s Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow anti-ballistic missiles and have Israel run out of missiles and defence. Ground invasions will follow with all the horror they bring. Israel logically does not have an endless supply of arms and weapons, as we saw in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. We also saw how the Obama regime was reluctant to resupply Israel with Hellfire Missiles after one of the Gaza wars and tightened its controls on arms shipments to Israel. Biden is an Obama puppet and will do exactly the same.

In other words, it is strategic and imperative for Israel to lay in arms supplies now.

Let us not underestimate the nefarious influences, arms and assistance that is and will be coming to Iran from Russia and China, before and during a war. In all this America under Biden is being outmanoeuvred at every turn. If the USA is not being outmanoeuvred, then it is deliberate policy of withdrawal from the Middle East and idiotically destructive on Biden’s behalf. It is in reality a continuation of Obama’s policies to destroy Israel and support Iran. Ironically, even with Saudi Arabia currently succumbing to Iranian threat and hegemony and its military predominance in the area, it will ultimately be Israel that saves and rescues Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, no thanks to Biden and Obama’s wicked, evil and criminal intent.

It is not for me, a mere armchair general, to discuss or speculate Israel’s military strategies and plans. I have full confidence in Israel’s leadership at every level. Israel obviously has not been standing idly by and is and will be prepared when the moment comes. Israel knows what it has to do. May Israel be safe and blessed.

Source: israelnationalnews