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The Proliferation and Growing Demand for Syrian Medications in Lebanon

This street in Bourj al-Barajneh camp has become a destination for Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians.

The reason behind this is the proliferation of pharmacies in this street, most of which primarily sell Syrian medications that are available in large commercial quantities.

When strolling through this street, some pharmacies’ names are directly related to Syria, such as Damascus and Syria. These pharmacies witness significant congestion on a daily basis, with customers searching for missing medications or affordable alternatives.

However, the Syrian medications found in most of these pharmacies did not enter Lebanon legally. Still, they provide a solution for a large segment of Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians who face a shortage of medications in the legitimate market and high prices.

One pharmacy owner states that hundreds of people come from different regions to inquire about alternative medications, which sometimes include Iranian, Turkish, or even European products.

Resorting to Syrian medications is not limited to border provinces such as Baalbek-Hermel and Akkar, where the drugs are brought in through individual initiatives. It also extends to Beirut, with significant quantities being imported and expanding.

Source: LBC Group