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Russia Wants Muslims Not to Pray With President Erdogan

Stating that they came to visit to present Erdogan’s book, Samsar reminded that Erdogan has expressed the idea that certain changes can be made at the United Nations (UN) at every opportunity to establish a more just, lasting and sustainable peace. Samsar stated that Erdogan himself made these ideas into a book, and that this book was also translated into Russian.

Recalling that Erdogan and Putin opened the Moscow Central Mosque together, Samsar said, “Mr. Putin cares about the Muslims of Russia. Last year, the celebration at the federal level for the 1100th anniversary of the Idil Bulgarian State’s acceptance of Islam was an indication of this.” said. In addition, Samsar thanked the Muslims of Russia for their aid campaigns during the earthquakes in Turkey on February 6th.

President Erdogan’s book given to the Head of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Russia | Video

“Muslims in Russia want to pray with erdogan”

Gaynutdin, the President of the Muslim Religious Administration of the Russian Federation and the Russian Mufti Council, said that the Muslims of Russia prayed for President Erdogan to win the elections, and said, “Not all Muslims in Russia, but everyone living in Russia followed the elections in Turkey very closely. In our prayers, our friend, “We wanted Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a friend of Russian Muslims, a friend of Russia and a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, to become president. Thank God, our Lord heard and accepted our prayers.” said.

Reminding that Erdogan and Putin inaugurated the Moscow Central Mosque in 2015, Gaynutdin said, “It has been 8 years now. Mr. Erdogan comes to Russia frequently. He encouraged Erdogan to come to the Moscow Mosque during his visit to Russia and pray with the Muslims of Russia. We want him to come. If he comes, we Muslims of Russia will be very pleased and sincerely grateful. We invite him on behalf of 25 million Muslims in Russia and want to see him.” used his statements.

Source: morningexpress