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Enemies Want to Turn Iran Into Another Syria: IRGC Chief

Speaking at a gathering in Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province, General Salami said, “Syrian cities are an example of what the enemy wants for the people of Iran. They want poverty, loss of trade and security, widowhood of women and orphanage of children. This is the sinister mentality of the enemies in Islamic countries, which of course have failed so far.”

He added, “The nature and culture of colonialism for Muslims is nothing but this, because Islamic lands are the land of blessings and wealth. Islamic countries have economy, culture, religion and freedom and follow justice and human dignity. Enemies have plans to disturb the peace and security of Muslims, because the enemies cannot tolerate the peace and security of Muslims.”

General Salami pointed out that the enemy cannot tolerate the progress of Muslims and therefore they use their political and strategic tools to destabilize Islamic countries. “They want the disintegration and backwardness of the countries,” he continued.

“This is the plan of Arrogance, America, Zionism and their partners… our borders must be safe and sound,” he noted. 

Salami considered instability, strong media war, lies, rumor-mongering and efforts to create a crisis out of normal events as the plans of the enemy. “These issues are a constant stream from the enemies and are not temporary.” 

Underlining that Iranian people do not allow separatists and traitors to conspire against the country’s independence, General Salami said, “These people do not allow the enemies to plot to destroy the security of the borders and no one has a safe place in this way, and this is the message of the warriors of the independence of Islamic Iran.”

The top military official also lauded Mohammad Taqi Usanlu, a local IRGC commander in the province, for confronting separatists. 

In mid-June, Usanlu launched a military operation in Kurdistan Province to eliminate members of the counter-revolutionary groups.

The operation was launched in Sarvabad County on the border with Iraqi Kurdistan.

General Usanlu said the Kusalan mountains in Sarvabad County have turned into a safe haven for members of the counter-revolutionary groups. “Unfortunately, people belonging to anti-revolutionary groups had been harassing the people in this area for several years, and this action was taken in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the people,” he said, according to Tasnim. 

He added, “The people belonging to the anti-revolutionary groups have made these areas, which have a pristine nature and are suitable for cattle breeding and have a vital value for the people, their foothold and made the people feel insecure and abandon their cattle breeding.”

The provincial commander said the groups in question harmed the livestock of the people. “One of the main reasons for this issue has been the insecurity created by anti-revolutionary groups. However, thanks to the efforts of the forces of the Martyr Shahir Amfar headquarters and the Beit al-Maqdis army, this area has been cleared and the rest of these people who have hidden themselves are being cleared,” he added.

Source : Tehran