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Lebanon Without Electricity Due to Shutdown of Power Plants

Lebanon has faced a massive power outage due to shutdown of the two largest power plants, a source in the Electricite du Liban state power company told TASS. According to the source, power plants in Deir Ammar and in al-Zahrani had to shut down their turbines due to the unpaid debts to their operator.

“On Wednesday evening, the state company declared a blackout of the entire power grid,” the source said.

“Acting Minister of Energy and Water Walid Fayad is taking emergency measures in order to pay of the government’s debt to Primesouth, a private operator of the two power plants,” the source added.

A similar situation occurred in Lebanon in early January. Back then, Lebanese authorities managed to allocate funds and pay off debts in order to prevent Lebanon from plunging into complete darkness within one week. During the crisis, power was provided to essential facilities: water pumps, sewage system, the international airport, the sea port, the Lebanese State University and several hospitals.

According to the TASS source, Primesouth decided to shut down the turbines on Wednesday, after it received only $2 million out of $83 million owed by the state.

Source : Iran Front Page