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Omniva Logistics Sees Kyrgyzstan As E-Commerce Hub Of Central Asia

BAKU, Azerbaijan, August 16. Omniva, an international logistics company based in Estonia, recognizes the strategic benefits of having a hub in Kyrgyzstan to enhance the growth of e-commerce in Central Asia, Jekaterina Stradomski, Cooperation Projects Manager at Omniva’s International Business Unit, told trend .

“Having our hub in Kyrgyzstan gives us several advantages for the growth of e-commerce in Central Asia. First and foremost, one of the most important advantages is that this is the closest hub we have near the border of China, meaning that we are able to save time on transportation of volumes to the region, which makes our quality and standard delivery times better,” she said.

By offering these benefits, Omniva has all the tools to increase its business volume and strengthen its position among these big players in the Central Asian market. Additionally, this will result in customers receiving their packages more swiftly, which in turn will encourage them to place more orders.

She further mentioned that by operating a hub in Kyrgyzstan, Omniva not only benefits its own operations but also supports local businesses engaged in transportation services, including Kyrgyz Post.

“As for Omniva, we currently see that we are the number one service provider, not only in Estonia but also in the Baltics; therefore, we are now aiming more towards satisfying our international clients needs, which is making products from Central Asia and the Caucasus region available for them. Here is where Kyrgyz Post steps in,” Stradomski said.

She mentioned that the partnership involves an agreement wherein Omniva will leverage its strengths in areas like IT technology and parcel locker systems to assist Kyrgyz Post in their development efforts.

Additionally, Stradomski noted that Omniva identifies Bishkek as an optimal hub for effectively serving the entire Central Asian region. This approach not only generates employment opportunities but also adds significant value to the local airport, airlines, and trucking companies operating within the area.

Omniva’s origins date back to the 17th century, when its predecessor initiated postal services in Estonia.

Source : MENAFN