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The situation has changed, and the United States wants to attack Russia here? U.S. official: Considering fighting outside the Ukrainian battlefield

On July 14, 2023 , a senior U.S. defense official issued a statement stating that the United States is considering launching various “military measures” against Russia in response to Russia’s recent air force activities in Syria .

It is reported that the United States and Russia have been engaged in multiple military conflicts in the air force field since March 2023. The United States aims to continue to carry out missions against the “Islamic State” in Syria.

1. The Situation in Syria

In 2011, Syria began a complex and severe civil war, in which many national forces were mixed, and Russia and the United States have always played important roles.

In other words, Syria has always been a platform for fighting each other between the two major powers, Russia and the United States, and a “victim” .

Geographically speaking, Syria has always been the center of the entire Middle East; in terms of cultural background and religious belief, it was also the glory and prosperity of Arab civilization;

Finally, from the perspective of energy resources that the United States has always been thinking about, the oil deposits owned by Syria are definitely wealth that cannot be abandoned.

The US and Russia’s intervention in Syria began with the emergence of the “Daesh ISIS” terrorist organization . This is a religious extremist organization that is brutal and cruel, and has caused great and bad negative effects on the lives of Syrian residents and national security. Influence.

In 2014, the emergence and actions of the “Daesh ISIS” terrorist organization caused an uproar in the world. The United States began to intervene strongly and unreasonably in the affairs of Syria on the grounds of combating the “Daesh ISIS” terrorist organization .

But the move has not been officially authorized by the Damascus government , not even by the United Nations. But the United States still began to illegally deploy troops and military forces in Syria.

Even during this period, the United States declared to the world that it openly supported more than a dozen other activities and terrorist organizations in Syria that were spontaneously organized by civilians and opposed the official government, except for “Daesh ISIS” .

The civil war situation in Syria began to become more complicated and chaotic.

In 2015 , at the invitation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad , the Russian military began to influence and control the situation in Syria in the name of assisting the Syrian official army in combating terrorist militants in its territory.

In 2019 , with the joint efforts of the Syrian government forces and other allies, the “Daesh ISIS” terrorist organization was suppressed and disappeared.

But even if there is no excuse for interfering in Syrian government affairs, so far, the US military is still active in Syria and continues to exist illegally.

Regarding the controversy from the outside world, the U.S. military declared that its fundamental purpose of continuing to stay in Syria is to prevent the existing oil fields in Syria from falling back under the control of terrorist organizations.

Although everyone knows that no matter how high-sounding the United States says, its fundamental purpose is to plunder Syria’s rich oil resources . Regarding this, the Damascus government with disparity in strength is also very clear.

Therefore, since 2014 and 2015, Syria, which has frequent wars and rich resources, has become a stage for Russia and the United States to compete for power .

2. The confrontation and tacit understanding between the United States and Russia

There are no permanent friends, only permanent interests . In international relations, this sentence has always been regarded as the truth.

The United States and Russia, as the same nuclear-weapon powers and one of the five permanent members of the world council, have always maintained the same tacit understanding and sense of proportion in each other’s “fighting activities”.

In May 2017 , the Syrian war entered a fierce stage and the situation was almost escalated. According to senior international journalists, a huge military conflict between the United States and Russia almost broke out at this time.

When the battle in the Syrian desert broke out, Russia suddenly took the United States and asked the American troops originally stationed in the Altanf area to leave. The competition between the two sides was on the verge of breaking out.

Although it was obvious that the United States first stationed and occupied the Altanf area at that time, due to the superior and important transportation location and military strategic position of the area, Russia did not want to let it go.

After all, the Al Tanf area is an important border crossing between Syria, Iraq, and Jordan . If Russia can control and occupy the area, it will obviously increase Russia’s influence on Syria itself.

But the United States has never been an abandoner of vested interests, and its attitude is equally tough.

In the face of the Russian army’s repeated deployment of troops to its own camps and attacks, the U.S. military quickly dispersed its troops to the area where the desert battle broke out to contain the Russian army.

But after all, Russia and the United States are both big countries. If a violent military conflict really breaks out, it will inevitably end up in a situation where both armies are in a tense situation . Command called.

During the phone call, Admiral Townsend asked the Russian military whether it was really time for the two sides to go to war, and whether the confrontation between the two armies was in a state of conversation or a state of war.

After all, it never thought about going to war with the US military. After weighing the pros and cons several times, the Russian army made a compromise , claiming that the move was nothing more than a “tense conversation” , and the conflict between the two sides was thus resolved.

Between 2018 and 2019 , conflicts and confrontations broke out between the United States and Russia many times.

When the two armies pass through each other’s control areas, it is inevitable that they will be made things difficult by each other. It is not uncommon for armored vehicles and tank troops to encounter narrow roads. It is not uncommon for soldiers to be injured in conflicts by accident. There are even endless means of monitoring each other and driving them away by force.

But there is a strict agreement between the United States and Russia to avoid direct conflict in Syria .

Therefore, it can be said that although the United States and Russia are at war in Syria, both sides intend to maintain a calm and restrained attitude, and hope to stabilize the situation in Syria through a balance between the two sides, thereby consolidating their own existing interests obtained from the country. Benefit.

3. US-Russia Air Force Conflict

On July 6, 2023 , U.S. Air Force Central Command Commander Grinkovich issued a statement declaring that Russia “did not abide by the rules” and intercepted and interfered with three U.S. drones ( MQ-9 ) patrol mission, even in addition to using the “umbrella head flare” , it also deliberately accelerated to generate wake turbulence to interfere with the US route.

Prior to this, in April of the same year , a video was also released, showing that the Russian fighter plane had made a “dangerous approach” to the U.S. Air Force.

Earlier this year, near the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea , a Russian Air Force fighter plane (Su-27) “shot down” an American drone ( MQ-9 ) .

The Russian military has been repeatedly attacked in the field of drones. Therefore, some people suspect that Russia has recently attacked the U.S. Air Force drones in Syria. research and development technology.

Although Russia is now deeply involved in Russia-Ukraine special military activities, due to its influence on the situation in the Middle East, it has never meant to temporarily put aside the situation in Syria.

After all, if the United States gradually controls the situation in Syria, it will undoubtedly go on to control many countries in the entire Middle East region, gradually eroding Russia’s influence in the Middle East region and its status in international affairs.

Russia has always invested a lot in Syria’s armaments, and has been involved in all three armed forces. For example, the cruise missiles equipped by the Navy ; the Su-25 attack aircraft, Su-24M, Su-34 bomber, Su-30SM fighter plane , and even the new Su-35S of the Air Force; and the ground tanks and missile defense systems of the Army .

But there is also news that in response to Russia’s recent attacks and explorations in the air force field, the United States has quietly begun to increase its armaments to the northeastern Syria and the Tanf military base in the south.

And the United States, which has been illegally existing in Syria, has infiltrated far more people than the garrison in the area. If the confrontation and conflict between the United States and Russia really break out, it will inevitably bring serious consequences to both parties and Syria itself.

Syria has been immersed in wars for many years, and at the same time natural and man-made disasters continue, it can be called “purgatory on earth” . Although from a geopolitical point of view, or from the overall comprehensive national strength of the two countries, the United States and Russia are unlikely to go to war in Syria in terms of the influence of objective factors and the checks and balances between the two sides .

Russia’s move can actually be regarded as a warning to the United States to intervene in the Ukraine incident to a certain extent. But after all, no one can guarantee that there will really be no war between the United States and Russia.

Therefore, all countries in the world will also pay close attention to this matter, and conduct mediation and exchanges when signs appear, so as to avoid the outbreak of war as much as possible.

This is not only to stabilize the international security situation, but also to rescue those innocent but suffering ordinary people who are caught in the war .

Source : Baidu