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The United States Swallowed the Consequences of Itself. Just Now, Iraq Announced That It Would Vote for Russia

Just when the United States bombed Iraq and killed Iranian Major General Soleimani, Iraq has realized that it urgently needs to follow, and the United States is a very unwise choice. Recently, the chairman of the Security and Defense Committee of the Iraqi Parliament, Mohammad Al-Rida, announced that because the United States attacked the Iraqi People’s Mobilization Army, Iraq decided to resume discussions with Russia on the purchase of the S300 air defense missile system. Rida said that while he did not know the details, the Iraqi leadership approved the deal with Russia.

In history, the United States turned Iraq into an “ally” of the United States by launching a war against Iraq. Although Iraq was unwilling, under strong pressure, Iraq could only follow in the footsteps of the United States. This is different from Syria, where Russia controls the situation, but in Iraq it is the United States that controls the situation. But if Iraq really wants to buy Russia’s S300 air defense missile system, this means that the situation may have changed. Perhaps the United States is the one who knows best who Iraq uses the S300 air defense missile system to defend against.

Once this deal is completed, it is very likely that corresponding defense cooperation will be established between Iraq and Russia. This will allow Russia to expand its influence in Iraq. This is not good news for the United States, which means that the hegemony of the United States will be affected. This is similar to Turkey. Before the Turkish Erdogan government wanted to purchase Russia’s S400 air defense missile system, the United States directly drove Turkey out of the F35 fighter cooperation system in order to force Turkey to abandon this plan. But this has not changed Turkey’s determination to purchase Russia’s S400 air defense missile system. On the contrary, because of the actions of the United States, Turkey and Russia are getting closer and closer. When Iraq made this decision, it was natural to know what kind of pressure it would face. Rida even said, “We are waiting for the United States to raise objections on this matter.” But it is worth noting that the US Secretary of State stated on January 9 At that time, only India was warned. The United States asked India to carefully consider the decision to purchase the Russian S400 air defense missile system. New Delhi did not enjoy special protection. “Indian officials know that there is a risk of imposing sanctions.”

Therefore, even India and Turkey are listed as targets of suppression by the United States, not to mention Iraq. Just recently when the Iraqi side asked the United States to discuss a troop withdrawal mechanism, the Trump administration expressed its refusal, and Trump even clamored for sanctions against Iraq. At present, the United States is already drafting related sanctions. Moreover, a senior Iraqi official said that the United States claims that once Iraq expels the U.S. military, the United States will cut off Iraq’s important account in the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States. This is the billions of dollars in oil revenue of the Iraqi government. If it really happens , which would be a major blow to the Iraqi economy.

But even in the face of such a threat from the United States, Iraq’s attitude is still very tough, which is enough to see that Iraq has been seriously disappointed with the United States. All of this can only be said to be the bitter fruit that the United States has planted by itself, and it will eat it by itself. Abdul Karim Khalaf, spokesman for the Iraqi Armed Forces, said in response to the U.S. airstrikes against Iraq: “The recent U.S. attack is stupid and cannot remain silent about it.” directly hurt Iraq. If it were any normal country, it would be impossible to “just let it go”. Therefore, it is understandable for Iraq to turn to Russia for help. All of this is the bitter fruit of the Trump administration’s misconduct.

Source : sohu.com