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The United States Took Advantage of the Fire to Loot in Syria, and Russian and American Aircraft Battles Surged. Putin Announced That He Was Ready

Recently, the sky in Syria has become the “colosseum” between Russia and the United States. The friction incidents between the military aircraft of the two countries have become more and more frequent. On the 26th, a Russian fighter plane dropped flares on the U.S. drone, and the risk of friction turning into conflict began. become more and more obvious.

According to a report from the World Wide Web, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded on the 30th to the recent friction between Russian and US military aircraft over Syria. He said that Russia is ready to deal with emergencies, but it still does not want a direct military conflict with the United States, and no one wants to go to this step.

Russian warplanes take off from Syria

Recently, the military friction between Russia and the United States over Syria has increased significantly. Last week, a Russian Su-35 fighter jet threw flares at the U.S. military MQ-0 UAV, causing damage to the propeller of the U.S. UAV.

According to the statistics of Russia and the United States, there were 6 friction incidents in July alone, and there were as many as 23 similar dangerous contact incidents in the first half of this year. The Russian side also accused NATO military aircraft of using fire control radar to deliberately irradiate Russian military aircraft 11 times. , causing the Russian fighter jet defense system to automatically launch jamming bombs.

Gurinov, deputy director of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Arab Wars, said that the steady increase in dangerous friction incidents shows that the risk of conflict between Russia and the United States in Syria is rising sharply.

The U.S. military’s mq-9 drone has suffered more than once

So will the air friction between Russia and the United States turn into a conflict?

Regarding the answer to this question, many think tanks and media in Russia and the United States have expressed their views, but what is intriguing is that the views of both sides unexpectedly agree that the current friction is just a mutual test or pressure between the Russian military and the US military. .

For example, the American think tank “Quincy Institute” believes that since Russia announced its intervention in the Syrian civil war in 2015, the Russian army and the US military have been operating together in and over Syria. On the 30th, Putin also emphasized that the dialogue mechanism between Russia and the United States in Syria has never been interrupted, and the two sides are actually still maintaining communication.

But after Russia was mired in Ukraine for more than a year, the United States couldn’t bear to push the Russian army out of Syria. The Tartus Naval Base in Syria is Russia’s only overseas military base. Especially after Turkey closed the Black Sea passage, the Tartus Naval Base has become Russia’s only entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.

Last week, the U.S. military drone was thrown flares by Su-35

In this regard, the “Wall Street Journal” quoted Frank McKenzie, a retired general of the US Marine Corps, as saying that what the United States has to do now is to make Russia realize that maintaining a military presence in Syria “will pay a high cost”, thereby forcing Russia to troops withdraw from Syria.

Russia also holds the same view. The Russian “Viewpoint” stated that it is the unanimous diplomatic appeal of Russia and Syria to ask the US military to withdraw from Syria. The Russian army came at the invitation of Syrian President Assad, while the US military entered Syria illegally. Over the years, Russia and Syria have repeatedly criticized the U.S. bombing and illegal stay in Syria at the United Nations. Now that the “Islamic State” has become a thing of the past, the U.S. military should withdraw from Syria as soon as possible.

Russia’s presence in Syria remains unknown

In addition, another obvious fact is that despite the frequent incidents of friction between Russian and US military aircraft at this stage, neither the US nor the Russian military is ready for direct military conflict so far.

At present, there are only more than 900 U.S. troops stationed in Syria. They stay in Syria in the name of suppressing the terrorist organization “Islamic State”, but they are actually stealing Syrian oil and food. Russia’s troops stationed in Syria are unknown. The general view is that after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Russian army has transferred most of its troops and equipment back home.

However, from another perspective, although Russia and the United States are trying their best to avoid friction from turning into conflict, in most cases, the outbreak of war is often triggered by an inadvertent Mars. Such black swan events have historically Countless, after all, no one thought that a gunshot in Sarajevo would trigger a world war.

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