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US Transfers More Military Equipment From Iraq to Syria

An American-flagged convoy consisting of 30 large trucks escorted by armored vehicles, along with the forces of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), entered Syrian soil from Iraq on Saturday afternoon, according to Syrian sources.

After unloading the military cargo at their base in the city of Ash Shaddadi, the US forces headed for Al Hasakah.

Anonymous sources quoted SDF-affiliated eyewitnesses as saying that the cargo consisted of semi-heavy and advanced weapons.

Earlier in July, some local sources in Syria’s Deir ez-Zur province reported that the US forces and the Kurdish militias affiliated with the US are rapidly transferring military equipment and are stationed in areas in front of the Syrian army.

The movements of the US forces and Washington-backed militias seem to like to be a military alert, the sources said.

The sources added that the Kurdish elements have transferred more than 500 military vehicles, including US-made armored vehicles, from Qamishli city in Al Hasakah province to Al-Uqaydat, Al Busayrah, Al Shheell, and the old field in which the US base is located. According to these sources, US fighter jets, helicopters, and drones are flying over these areas.

The Americans held military maneuvers in their bases in Deir ez-Zur with the cooperation and coordination of Kurdish mercenaries during the past few days. Some local sources say that Kurdish elements have prepared their forces to attack the villages controlled by the Syrian army.

Source : Mehr News Agency