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China Says Transition in Afghanistan is ‘Historic Achievement’

Foreign Ministry spokesman hails Taliban’s efforts to rebuild economy, ensure security, and improve livelihood, urging world to view Kabul’s achievements ‘objectively and fairly’

As the Taliban celebrate two years since their return to power in Afghanistan, China says the transition demonstrates “stability” and is a “historic achievement.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, also referred to the US’s counter-terrorism and diplomacy efforts in the region as a complete failure.

Wenbin drew attention to the interim administration in Afghanistan during the daily news conference in Beijing, hailing the Taliban’s efforts to rebuild the economy, ensure security, and improve livelihood.

“The world needs to view these efforts objectively and fairly,” he stressed.

While hinting at the US, Wenbin said over the past two years, a certain country has cut off aid, frozen Afghanistan’s assets, and imposed sanctions, worsening the suffering of the Afghan people.

According to UN data, the number of Afghans in dire need of humanitarian aid has more than doubled from 14.4 million to 29.2 million, he said, urging the “relevant country” to learn from what happened in Afghanistan, deliver on the promise of aid to the country, and ensure that all frozen assets of Afghanistan are used as soon as possible to address the urgent livelihood needs of its people.

To achieve lasting security, Afghanistan must first address the worrying humanitarian situation, he said.

“The world must boost cooperation against terrorism, aid Afghanistan in a multi-pronged approach to address challenges, and achieve lasting peace, stability, and development soon,” he stressed.

After years of peace negotiations between the US and Taliban, the Doha agreement was signed in Feb. 2020, requiring all foreign forces to leave the war-torn country within 14 months.

Tuesday marks two years since the return of the Taliban in August 2021, which they call the “conquest of Kabul.”

Source : AA