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East Architecture Studio, Lebanon and UAE: Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2023

East Architecture Studio, with a base in Lebanon and the UAE, joins the ranks of the Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2023, our annual round-up of exciting emerging architecture studios

East Architecture Studio is the latest entry to the Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2023, our annual round-up of exciting emerging architecture studios. Based in Lebanon and the UAE, this is a young practice with a thriving, multi-award-winning portfolio – including The Capsule Retreat, seen below. 

(Image credit: East Architecture Studio)

Who: East Architecture Studio

Architects Nicolas Fayad and Charles Kettaneh joined forces in 2015 and founded East Architecture Studio, the dynamic practice with one base in Lebanon, and another in the UAE. The practice now has worked across four continents and has won recognitions including the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2022 for its Oscar Niemeyer Guest House Renovation project in Tripoli, Lebanon. 

Remaining small and agile while excelling in their field is important for the pair. They say: ‘What sets us apart as a studio is our ability to tackle significant projects with a relatively small yet highly skilled team. We excel in adapting and designing within diverse contexts and environments, allowing us to create tailored solutions that perfectly align with each project’s unique needs. We take pride in being a dynamic and forward-thinking architectural firm.’

(Image credit: East Architecture Studio)

The geographical and cultural mix their practice enables enriches their work. ‘At East Architecture Studio, what truly motivates us is the opportunity to work with inspiring clients who share our passion for innovative design,’ the two co-founders say. ‘The chance to collaborate with individuals and teams from diverse backgrounds allows for a synergistic engagement and encourages us to push the boundaries of what is possible. 

‘We thrive on the energy that comes from partnering with both established and emerging artists, and being introduced to their unique perspectives and artistic sensibilities. Additionally, we relish challenges, as they fuel our drive for continuous evolution and enable us to find ingenious solutions to complex problems. The combination of these motivating factors fuels our enthusiasm, propels our creativity, and ensures that every project we undertake is a testament to the studio’s dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional concepts.’

(Image credit: East Architecture Studio)

What: The Capsule Retreat

Among their latest residential commissions is The Capsule Retreat, a generous 350 sq m residence in the rural Zabbougha region of Lebanon. The scheme, a holiday home for a private client, sits in a plot that overlooks the coniferous pine forests of Mount Lebanon. The architects sought to balance through their design this rich natural context with the owners’ contemporary needs and art collection. 

(Image credit: East Architecture Studio)

The project celebrates exposed concrete, making the most of the material’s sculptural robustness by carving round edges, curves and sweeping openings that take in the outdoors. 

An open plan kitchen, dining and living space sits at the heart of the home, with the two hearths of the house, the chimney and the stove, located facing each other, creating a dynamic warmth – while signalling the owner’s passion for cooking and entertaining.

(Image credit: East Architecture Studio)

Why: Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory 2023

Conceived in 2000 as an international index of emerging architectural talent, the Wallpaper* Architects’ Directory is our annual listing of promising practices from across the globe. While always championing the best and most promising young studios, over the years, the project has showcased inspiring work with an emphasis on the residential realm. Now including more than 500 alumni, the Architects’ Directory is back for its 23rd edition. Join us as we launch this year’s survey – 20 young studios from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Congo, Ecuador, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mozambique, Pakistan, Senegal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UAE, the UK, the USA and Vietnam, with plenty of promise, ideas and exciting architecture.

(Image credit: East Architecture Studio)

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