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The Flames of War in Ukraine Have Not Extinguished, and the Middle East is Making Waves Again!

In a turbulent moment, the international situation has once again made waves. Although the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has not yet subsided, the Middle East has ushered in new turmoil. At this critical moment, three major events of great concern occurred, which are closely related to the United States, Turkey, Syria and other countries.

First of all, Turkey launched a “beheading” operation in northern Syria, which severely damaged the Kurdish armed forces. The Turkish Defense Ministry announced that it had launched an operation in a Kurdish armed stronghold in northern Syria, destroying multiple senior commanders and a large number of armed personnel.

Since the beginning of this year, the Turkish army has eliminated 942 illegal armed members in northern Syria, Iraq and other regions. These targets included Kurdish armed forces and members of other “extremist organizations”.

At the same time, the “Islamic State” also announced the death of the organization’s top leader, Abu Hussein Al Qureshi, on the same day. Although the specific time of death was not disclosed, a new successor was announced immediately. Remarkably, at the end of April this year, Turkish President Erdogan publicly stated that the Turkish intelligence service had successfully “beheaded” Al Qureshi.

It can be speculated that Al Qureshi’s death is likely to be related to Türkiye.

However, in addition to the heavy losses suffered by the “Islamic State”, there is also an equally attention-grabbing battle being waged between Turkey and Kurdish forces. Kurdish armed forces are classified as “extremist organizations” by Turkey. For many years, Turkey has carried out cross-border military strikes against Kurdish armed forces in Syria and Iraq. This year, Turkey has stepped up its strikes against Kurdish forces and is even continuing operations. What this reflects is the game between Turkey and the United States.

First of all, the Kurdish armed forces have always been supported and trained by the United States and have become the proxy force of the United States in the Middle East. However, Turkey regards this armed force as an “extremist organization”, which has caused tension in US-Turkey relations. Turkey is trying to put pressure on the United States by attacking Kurdish armed forces in exchange for its own interests. Secondly, Turkey’s military strength is sufficient to destroy the Kurdish armed forces. However, in recent years, Turkey has not completely eliminated the Kurdish armed forces, but has continued to suppress them in an attempt to prompt the United States to compromise. This situation exposed Turkey’s test of the bottom line of the United States, and it is also a countermeasure against US sanctions.

At the same time, the U.S. military presence in Syria has also been challenged. The US military base was suddenly attacked, causing a huge explosion. Syrian television reported that an illegal U.S. military base in northern Syria had been attacked, sparking concern from the outside world. Considering that the United States has recently transferred some troops and equipment from Iraq to Syria, the United States has gathered more troops in northern Syria. However, the frequent military operations of the US military in Syria may have also attracted many potential enemies for them. This attack may be retaliation or the result of operational errors by the US military.

It is even possible that the United States has self-directed and performed actions in order to find excuses to provide excuses for further military operations.

At the same time, Syrian government forces were also attacked. Drones from “extremist organizations” attacked Syrian government army positions in western and northern Aleppo. Although Syria successfully destroyed these drones and counterattacked the source of the attack, this incident was related to the US military base. The bombing happened on the same day, sparking speculation from the outside world.

In short, in the context of reconciliation in the Middle East, the United States is paying increasing attention to the region. However, at the same time, the United States is constantly disrupting and disrupting the situation, affecting regional stability.

Source : baijiahao.baidu.com