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2 Turks Detained Over Spying Claims in Greece

Two Turkish citizens have been detained on charges of spying as they allegedly used a drone to capture images of the Greek Navy‘s training center facilities on Poros Island in Greece.

Although no official statement has been issued, Greek media reports claimed that the two Turkish citizens, aged 48 and 58, arrived on Poros Island on their motorcycles on Sept. 15.

They allegedly filmed the military facilities with a drone for about 10 minutes on the morning of Sept. 16 despite the region of the educational facility being a restricted area.

When the commander of the training center on the island reported the incident to the police, the two individuals, who had left the island, were apprehended on the evening of Sept. 17 in Monemvasia, a tourist town on the southern Peloponnese peninsula.

The two Turkish citizens denied the allegations, stating that they arrived in Greece for touristic purposes. One stated that he owned a household appliances store, while the other identified himself as a retired dentist. The Greek reports also claimed that the drone had a 90-second footage of the military facility.

Source : Hurriyet Daily News