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Huawei Summit Builds Bridge for Business Growth in Middle East and Africa for Global Partners

The HDC·Together Huawei MEA Ecosystem Summit, held in Dubai, showcased a seamless fusion of collaboration and innovation. The first day of the exclusive event was on Nov. 27 at the illustrious Dubai Opera. It brought together Huawei Ecosystem partners from China and across the Middle East and Africa.

Building bridges for future growth

Organized in partnership with Dubai Economy and Tourism and Saudi Tourism Authority, the summit combined the strengths and initiatives of both entities, fostering innovation, economic growth, and developments in technology and tourism.

In the convergence of technology and opportunity, HDC.Together becomes the bridge connecting the MEA region and China, fostering innovation, partnerships, and business exchange across markets, paving the way for growth and a better future.

Throughout the summit, speakers emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts within Huawei’s Ecosystem for advancing technology and innovation. Maryam Al-Balooshi, vice chair and UAE representative of the Committee of Aviation Environment Protection — ICAO, said: “In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Huawei’s ecosystem stands as a testament to transformative collaboration, enriching experiences by building bridges into a better future.”

Ali Khalifa bin Thalith, secretary-general of HIPA, said: “Through the lens of innovation, Huawei Themes has not just adorned our digital spaces but has become a platform to globalize the beauty of art and photography, making creativity universally accessible to users with an impressive download of over 1,000,000 on the official Huawei Themes store.”

Acclaimed Emirati artist Mahmood Al-Abadi shared the story of his successful journey with calligraphy and arts as well as his collaboration with Huawei Themes, and how it elevated his digital experience to new heights. He expressed excitement over the vast array of customizable themes and the seamless integration with Huawei smartphones, foldable phones, tablets and smartwatches.

Strategizing for the year ahead

The event outlined a comprehensive 2024 action plan with HMS’ strategic partners, formalizing commitments to innovation and growth with 24 partners from across the region like Emirates, Arabian Oud, Jahez and Viu, who expressed their dedication to these shared goals.

The summit featured dynamic discussion panels and round tables, engaging industry experts in profound conversations. They explored the collaborative potential of Huawei AppGallery and Petal Ads, uncovering shared capabilities.

Unveiling prospects with AppGallery

With a focus on fostering new growth opportunities in gaming, Huawei AppGallery is strategically leveraging the rapid expansion across the MEA region and China. The summit served as a dynamic platform for facilitating partnerships and collaboration between local and global players, fostering an environment of innovation and mutual growth. Participants were treated to crafty presentations sharing insights, case studies and success stories from top regional and global gaming partners, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in the market. The discussions were enriched by the participation of esteemed guests in the MEA Game Business Trends panel, talking about esports, government support, payment landscape and importance of localization. Together, they set the stage for AppGallery to further elevate its role as a driving force in the gaming industry, uniting key players for a future of unprecedented success and collaboration.

Global perspective

Emirates provided an insightful account of its journey with Huawei Ecosystem, highlighting the successful collaboration and providing valuable benchmarks for the broader travel industry, emphasizing the power of strategic partnerships within evolving technological landscapes. This year, Emirates App successfully released a version for Huawei’s smartwatches that allows users to use QR codes as boarding passes.

Petal Ads and regional insights

Additionally, Middle East Communications Network provided a comprehensive analysis of global and regional advertising trends tailored for regional advertisers. This included an in-depth exploration of the current global advertising landscape, emerging trends, consumer behavior patterns, and effective strategies. These testaments highlighted Petal Ads’ advanced capabilities for offering enriched user experiences, setting the stage for a new era in this sphere.

HMS introduced new solutions and innovations, underscoring a commitment to connecting with customers, enabling brand growth, and embracing future challenges. The HDC·Together Huawei MEA Ecosystem Summit stands as a testament to Huawei’s unwavering dedication to fostering collaboration, innovation, and a connected future. Ultimately, the summit served as an annual showcase for knowledge-sharing and cutting-edge solutions within Huawei’s thriving ecosystem, uniting partners from China and the MEA.

Source : Arab News