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Tajik Migrants Now Need to Notify the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs About Their Place of Work

Russia has introduced a new procedure for migrants to notify about their work activities.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced a new procedure for submitting information about the implementation of labor activities by migrants. Now migrants will have to send a special notification to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We explain why such a rule was introduced and how to follow it.

What will you need to do now?

Foreign citizens who receive a patent will be required to submit a notification of employment to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs within two months from the date of its issuance.

Which Ministry of Internal Affairs body should the notification be submitted to?

To the territorial body of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs that issued your patent.

And what does such a notification look like?

The notification form is posted on the official website. It should be downloaded and filled out. Standard questions – full name, passport details, as well as information about the employer and work activity.

Such a notice can be printed and brought in paper form (or sent by mail). Or send online through the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services.

Well, why is this necessary?

This will make it possible to more strictly monitor illegally working migrants. Now you will need to confirm the existence of an employment contract and provide information about the employer.

Let us recall that recently a ban on attracting migrants for certain jobs was introduced in a number of regions of Russia. Moreover, these jobs were among the most common among migrants – for example, driving a taxi.

How is this legally justified?

Amendments have been made to the Federal Law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation”

When will it work?

From January 7, 2024

What happens if you don’t give any notice?

In this case, the patent issued to the migrant will be revoked. 

Source : Asia Plus