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Qassem: Any expansion of Israeli aggression will be met with a firm response from Hezbollah

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem, in a speech during a commemorative event for employees of the Islamic Religious Education Association in Beirut, stated that “Hezbollah stood in Lebanon in support of Gaza, and this support disrupted Israel’s military plans in Palestine and Lebanon, both currently and in the future.” 

Qassem pointed out that “those who cannot see the future and do not understand this enemy will not be able to grasp the facts, which suggest that our support will bring benefits that go beyond supporting Gaza and protecting Lebanon to forming a real deterrent force that confronts Israel and makes it aware that it cannot overstep the boundaries.”

He said, “The initiatives they talk about regarding the issue of Lebanon and southern Lebanon are not viable if they do not begin with a ceasefire in Gaza. The resolution starts there.”

He continued, “If someone presents an initiative titled a ceasefire in the south to give relief to Israel so it can continue its actions in Gaza, it means they are inviting us to support the Israeli enemy. We stand with Gaza and Palestine, not with Israel, so let the ceasefire start in Gaza first, and then it will cease in Lebanon.”

He added, “As for the threats that Israel might attack you or fight you, we say to them that their threats with Israel only strengthen our conviction in the righteousness of our resistance and harden our positions. We will see who will benefit from the threats: them or us.”

“Read what the Israeli media is saying: since the beginning of the fighting in the north, around 4,000 rockets and about 6,000 anti-tank rockets have been launched by Hezbollah”, emphasized the Deputy Secretary-General.

He further stated, “They say that Hezbollah possesses 150,000 rockets and shells, so if we do the math, that’s 3% of our stockpile, which means we have only used 3% according to the Israeli media during these seven months, causing significant impact on the displacement of settlers, the substantial losses Israel has suffered, the depletion of the Israeli army, and demonstrating great resilience and sacrifice.” 

He added, “Do you want more than that? In any case, we are ready.”

Qassem explained: “Let Gallant, the enemy’s Defense Minister, know who threatened and said that the main goal is to return the residents of the north to their homes and that the coming period will be decisive. I tell him that war cannot return the residents of the north; rather, this war will drive them further away and may permanently prevent their return.”

He remarked: “Continuing the aggression does not bring back the settlers of the north, and expanding the aggression in Lebanon complicates their lives further. We call for the world to wake up and stop the war on Gaza, as this is more realistic.”

He further pointed out that “Hezbollah has decided to respond to Israeli aggression proportionally, ensuring that any expansion of Israeli attacks will be met with increased response, resistance, and confrontation from Hezbollah and the resistance in Lebanon. This is a firm decision.”

“When Israel attacked one of our brothers in Sarafand, a response was carried out on Tuesday with an attack using three assault drones that targeted the command headquarters of the Golani Brigade and the Unit Egoz in the Shraga base north of Acre,” Qassem said.

He noted, “According to the Israeli army radio, during this strike, 200,000 Israeli settlers in the north sought shelter. This was all due to just three drones, so you can imagine the outcomes if they cross the borders further.”

Source: LBC