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Hezbollah: Support fronts from Lebanon to Iraq and Yemen are on one position

BEIRUT April 27. 2024 (Saba) – Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, a member of the Central Council of the Lebanese Hezbollah, stressed that “the fronts of support from Lebanon to Iraq and Yemen are on the same position, that there is no cessation of confrontation except by stopping the aggression on Gaza.”

Lebanese media quoted Sheikh Qaouk, in a speech during a ceremony held by Hezbollah for the martyr on the road to Jerusalem, Engineer Hussein Ali Azqoul “Hadi” in the southern town of Qalawiya, as saying: “The proud Gaza does not bet on the international community biased and complicit with the enemy, nor on the countries of Arab normalization in the region, but on the fronts of resistance in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.”

He added: The US military aid to the Zionist enemy is a green light to invade Rafah, and encourages the enemy to expand the war in the region.

He continued: “The scene of the suppression of student sit-ins in American universities, dropped all masks from the real face of America, and exposed the falsity of their claims about freedom of expression in front of the world.”

He added: “The continuation of the support fronts after 200 days of confrontations from Kiryat to Eilat to the Red Sea and beyond, is an affirmation of the ability of the resistance fronts, and the inability of the enemy and America to break the will of resistance in the region.”

Sheikh Qaouk said that “the arrival of the pounced marches of the resistance to the depth in Acre, Beit Hillel, Arab al-Aramsheh and others, is an affirmation of the ability of these marches to bypass all Zionist air defense systems.”

He also stressed that “the pounce marches of the resistance succeeded in bypassing the Zionist air defense systems by 96%, and they reached where the resistance wanted, and are able to reach where the resistance wants, and this is a strategic success for the resistance in this confrontation.”

He stressed that “the resistance responds on the ground to every attack on civilians with a harsher and rapid manner, and these attacks will not change the equations, will not return the settlers to their homes, will not get the enemy out of the reality of defeat, and will not silence the support fronts.”

“The large number of Zionist threats is not a sign of strength, but rather evidence of the Zionist panic, pain and confusion, and the enemy calculates more than a thousand accounts before thinking about war with Hezbollah in Lebanon,” he said.

Sheikh Qaouk concluded by saying: “International mediations and messages do not work to save Gaza, nor to help Lebanon, but to save and help the criminal Zionist enemy.”

Source: Saba