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Britain refuses to join possible US strikes in Iraq and Syria

Shafaq News / British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps announced in an interview with The Telegraph that Britain will not join the retaliatory strikes by the US against targets, including Iranian individuals and facilities, inside Iraq and Syria.

The minister stated that London aims to avoid a “large-scale regional conflict” and calls on Tehran to control its affiliated forces in Syria and Iraq, as reported by Russia Today.

Shapps emphasized that Britain will continue to cooperate with the US “in the war against the Houthis in Yemen to ensure freedom of navigation in the Red Sea.” At the same time, he denied reports suggesting that British authorities are considering the possibility of sending a British aircraft carrier to the combat zone.

Earlier, US authorities stated that US forces in Jordan were attacked by the Islamic Resistance Movement in Iraq. According to the Pentagon, this attack resulted in the deaths of three US soldiers and the injury of more than 40 others.

The US blames Iran for the incident, and according to CBS, the US administration has agreed, as a retaliatory measure, to strike Iranian targets in Iraq and Syria.

Source: Shafaq